Pro Life Legal Defense Fund, Inc.


Young Pro-Life Attorney Wants to Deliver Pro-Life Message Through Animation

Hello, I am John Pothier, a young Massachusetts attorney, educator, and believer in the pro-life cause.

For more than the last two years I have worked to produce multimedia learning tools for teaching law students, and I call these educational animations ‘Edimations’. The educational demos are available at Unfortunately, after proposing these tools to publishing and bar preparation companies, the effort went largely ignored.

I went to law school with the intent to make legal education more accessible to everyone, and I am interested in working with pro-life lawyers and their firms in creating audiovisual pieces to help further their causes. Whether it’s directly related to a current or past case, marketing, or for client and public educational purposes, the production company and I create high-quality materials.

If you are interested in exploring the use of Edimations for any of the above mentioned purposes, or interested in other potential uses, please contact me at

I look forward to working with the PLLDF and its members in their efforts, and hope to be able to contribute my skills and ambitions to many other attorneys and firms in the community as well.