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Contraception or Abortifacient: Pro-Life Professor Responds to Medical "Double-Speak"  by Dwight Duncan
March 26, 2014

One of the issues in the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court concerns the business owners’ objection to certain forms of contraception which can cause abortion, specifically the drugs Plan B and Ella, as well as certain IUDs.  A “reproductive health advocacy fellow with Physicians for Reproductive Health,” recently wrote the Boston Globe: “As a physician specializing in family planning, I am outraged when I see news outlets publishing misinformation about contraception.”   The doctor categorically states, “No method of birth control causes abortion.”   Well, the doctor reports that “contraception, including emergency contraceptive pills such as Plan B and Ella, work primarily before fertilization occurs.  They do not work post-implantation and do not disrupt an established pregnancy.”  Notice the words “primarily” and “post-implantation.”  They are a tacit admission by the letter-writer that the emergency contraceptives secondarily work after fertilization to prevent implantation of the fertilized embryo in the womb.  Without double-speak, that is an abortion.  So some forms of contraception can indeed cause abortion. 
Dwight Duncan is a professor at UMass School of Law Dartmouth. He holds degrees in both civil and canon law. To read his entire opinion piece, published in The Pilot on 3/28/14, click here.