Pro Life Legal Defense Fund, Inc.
SAVING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM FOR THE TIME BEING - Dwight G. Duncan, Professor of Law and author of a pro-life amicus brief in the Hobby Lobby case, comments on the recent pro-life victory at the United States Supreme Court.

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In addition to this new website, PLLDF has established an email address, published a new edition of its Newsletter, and created a Facebook page. We hope that these make us more accessible to the community and our supporters.

These new outreach efforts are a small part of PLLDF's goal to build a more broad and unified community of pro-life attorneys in Massachusetts. 

It can sometimes appear that there is little interest in the pro-life cause within the Massachusetts legal community. PLLDF believes, however, that there is more concern for pro-life issues among attorneys than many might believe. We are eager to develop that concern by creating a greater network of pro-life attorneys who can feel comfortable expressing pro-life beliefs.

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